Monday, June 16, 2014

Freezer Jam!

It is that time of year! Jam season! 

For the last few years my sister-in-law and I have made strawberry freezer jam in large batches and every year we forget to write down how much we need so we can do the same size batch the next year!  

So, this year we vowed to actually keep detailed information and email it to ourselves, so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping track of where I put the precious information.  :) 

So, let me share with you our recipe info...and maybe if I lose my email I can refer back to this post! 


Recipe...makes 34 pints of jam  (for each of us to have 17 pints)

2 flats of berries
2 10lb bags of sugar
10 Sure.Jell packets (the yellow box)
*We followed the recipe in the Sure.Jell box for freezer jam.

My husband's grandma used to make this jam and I instantly fell in love. In fact, my kids reject store bought jam after living on this homemade treat. It is a sad day when we run out.

This year we completely pureed the jam, I am not big on chunks.

I used half pint jars. I don't enjoy large jars of jam, my hands get sticky in attempt to scrape the bottom of the jar. :( 

The freezer in my garage now holds strawberry jam for this next year. Although, I have to admit that with 7 of us in the house, I don't expect the jam to last as long as my larger batches in the past. This summer I am going to attempt different flavors...wish me luck! 

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