Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thomas The Train Birthday Party!

All aboard!

Robert LOVES trains.

Our little boy was turning three-years-old so we celebrated his birthday at a train park.

I had so much fun putting this together!

Each of the kids got a bandanna, a hat, and a train whistle to take home.
We had lots of finger foods in train cars that went all the way around the table. 

We got our little guy this thomas the train set as his gift
and used it as our table decor for the party. 

Animal Cookies, gluten free of course!

These little loaf containers were perfect for holding the food
and wrapping up with tin foil afterward to take home.
I cut out little black wheels for the sides and that was it! 

Black olives were perfect for coal! 

Just a simple sign I made for decorations. 

I brought some of our many train tracks from home and put the cupcakes
on them with one of our  toy trains leading the way.
TIP: Put the cupcake liners on the tracks
before you leave for your party so you know you have enough room. 

It was hot and my cupcakes got a little messy. 

Choo Choo! 
Here we go! We all had a great time going around the park.
There was just one other party going on that day so no lines for the trains. After they left, we got the park to ourselves and had as many rides as we wanted. Super fun!

One of the trains that took us around the park! 

Our view as we rode the train

Happy Birthday to you...

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