Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Simple Truth- from my five-year-old

Today I was driving my two oldest daughters home from swimming lessons when I heard such simple words of truth, from my sweet daughter.

Our typical drive home involves a winding road next to a cliff with little to no railing. There is a small water fall on one side and beautiful shade from the tall trees. For the most part, I find it to be a refreshing view after passing through worn down houses and industrial buildings.

However, the cliff is intimidating and I usually ignore the fact that it is there, keeping my eyes on the road. Sometimes, I even cautiously hug the middle of the lane and slow my speed.

I really hate that cliff, but I would like to think that I never vocalize my fear. *guilty snicker* (hand over face)

Okay, maybe I have, once or twice when my husband was driving, and I sat in the passenger seat...very...close...to...the...edge.

You would think I would find a different way home but I am all about efficiency. :) Since we have therapies just past it, along with a quick shot to the highway, it has become a typical route.

While we have driven up and down the hill hundreds of times this last year, it has become the focus of conversation these last few weeks. Maybe it was because I was driving my husband's truck instead of our big suburban as we finish our two weeks of swimming lessons, which gave the girls a closer look out their windows in the backseat.

This afternoon, Laura, my seven-year-old daughter, looked out her window and started squealing about the possibility of driving down the cliff, "Oh no, what if we drove off of the cliff?" "What if our truck tumbled over and over?" I think she was trying to be over dramatic but still, I wanted to remind her that we would not drive off the cliff.

Before I could re-assure her, my five-year-old daughter, Mia, jumped in and said, "Just hang onto Jesus and you will be fine!"

I had no words. She said it better than I could have. Much better.

As expected, we made it up the hill just fine, as we do just about every day.

I couldn't get those words out of my head. "Just hang onto Jesus and you will be fine." She said it with such confidence and simplicity. There was no need to worry or fret.

How often do we stress over our own fears? The unknown? The trials we face in life? How often do we look for answers in so many places before we give our worry to God?

Even as I write this, I am very much aware that I have been spending weeks stressing over a handful of things, which have taken my focus and my energy.  I have been trying to find solutions on my own,  when I could simply hand it all over to Jesus.

What a gift that is.

Like my daughter, sitting in in the backseat, we often have little to no control which can cause anxiety to take up space in our hearts. We forget that we can simply hang on to Jesus, and trust that we will be fine. It is so hard to do and I am so thankful for the reminder.

My heart melts when I hear my kids reminding each other to seek God first and I feel convicted for not doing this with my own worries.

So, while I practice living those words, I would encourage you to also think about them as you get through your week. :)

"Just hang onto Jesus...and you will be fine."

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