Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fishing/Camping Trip

I  just had an amazing weekend at Trillium Lake. This was the first fishing trip for our kiddos and they loved every minute of it. I had to share some of our fun pics!

I had never been there and was so moved by the amazing view of Mt. Hood.

Our amazing view.
Walking down to the lake

This is my favorite shot.
My husband, father-in-law and a few of the kids were fishing.
I was able to stand on the dock and get this amazing photo! 

I even made it out onto the lake a few times! 

The kids saw some ducks coming right toward them. They got super close.

Here they are!
Our little campers with their lanterns, you know, during the day. :)
They kept saying "Who goes there?" A line from the Backyardagins. 

Getting all set up around the fire. 

The littles and I went on a hike while they big girls went fishing with their dad and Papa. 

We found more ducks. 

Our little Robert LOVED playing in the dirt. :) 

Jabar having a turn fishing!

Laura caught a fish! Her first one! She was the only lucky person out of our whole group who caught a fish and I was so proud of her. She even helped Papa gut it afterward. :) 

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