Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hearing Evaluation

This picture brings tears to my eyes.... my little boy looks so grown up in this picture.

Maybe it is the super cute overalls he is wearing. 

Maybe it is the fact that he is sitting in this chair by himself instead of in my lap, for the first time, as we test his hearing in the booth we visit often. 

Maybe it is because I have seen him practice this "game" so many times and this was the first time he used this new technique to test his hearing.

Robert learned to put an object up to his ear and when he heard a sound he would put it down. I was so very proud of him on this day. 

There was a plug in his right ear so we could test his left ear with the BAHA. His results were the best we had seen to date. He is now hearing very close to a typical range in his left ear, with the help of his BAHA. 

I praise God for the team of people investing in my son's hearing. I am overwhelmed by the encouragement, support and action they take to help our family. 

In fact the team of professionals that work with Robert did all of the go between with the insurance company to get him his very own BAHA. We had a loaner for one year and after a handful of appeals the insurance paid for Robert to have his very own, top of the line BAHA. What a blessing! 


  1. Whoo hooo! I was so incredibly proud of Robert TOO! Amazing changes in what seems like a short time. What a trooper he was during that long hearing evaluation. Yes...he was acting like some of the FOUR year olds I work with! He is so very very blessed to have you and your hubby as his parents!