Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Exciting Adoption News!

We FINALLY have a date set for next month to finalize our adoption for Katie and Robert!!! 

What?! I is crazy exciting. 

I can't wait to make it official and have a big party to celebrate this long, brought-me-to-my-knees,  wonderful journey. They have been my kids for so long but to have it be finalized is such a wonderful thing to jump up and down about! 

As a gift to myself, or from my husband, how ever you want to see it :), I ordered this set as part of our celebration. I LOVE Willow Tree. My mother-in-law started buying me Willow Tree Christmas ornaments every year when I first got married. It has been a fun traditional gift that I just love!

I have been waiting, (and asking) that they create figurines with darker skin and darker hair to help represent adoption. Well they finally came out with some! So now I can have my whole family represented. (I was willing to paint over the little boy figurine if needed.) I do have to add that I think they could be quite a bit darker...there isn't a ton of difference from the other figurines. :(

I have been busy planning the most amazing fun circus themed party to celebrate! Including: clown noses, face painting, bean bag toss games, animal balloons and cotton candy! 

And on a more touching note...I have already purchased children books about adoption for Robert and Katie. We did this with our adoption for Jabar and I had everyone (judge, attorneys, caseworkers, therapists, family, friends) sign the inside page with a little note. I love being able to look back at all of the people that helped support our family. 

So...stay tuned because at the end of next month we will have fun pictures to share!

For now,  I will be enjoying my new decor above the fireplace.

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