Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back To School: Closet Organization

We have been in our new house for over a year now and I finally have order in the closets!

With school just two weeks away, and my husband going back to work next week, I have been on this cleaning rampage all over the house. (So watch for more pictures to come!)

We don't have dressers for the kids, I am not a big fan anyway. I have always wanted to utilize the space at the bottom of the closet for more storage/clothes. Since I hang their shirts (and dresses for the girls) it makes sense to me to have the bottoms, well, at the bottom.

I bought five of these cube storage units for each of the kids and with free shipping they arrived at my door step. Fast forward a few weeks later when I had time and energy got tired of tripping over the boxes and wa-la!

I have two boys who share a room. They each have their own 6-cube storage unit for their clothes. They had enough width in their closet for me to lay them on their side.

I sorted through all of their shirts and put them together by type (long sleeve, short sleeve, jacket, tank top, undershirt, sweater, etc...) I know full well they won't stay like this, but it is a nice way to start the school year.  Plus it let me do inventory of what they had.

 Right now I have summer and winter clothes together, I never got around to pulling winter clothes out and since summer is coming to and end I am just going to leave them, until maybe late October.

This next picture is the view of the whole closet (both sides). 
I love how clean their closet is and even more- that most of their clothes are reachable!  No dressers means more room to play. :) I plan to put clear tubs above on the top rack of the closet for those clothes that are two small for Jabar and yet still too big for Robert. Then all of their clothes will stay in their closet and not make their way into the garage for storage. 

Here is a look into the closet in the girls room (bad pic with sun shining in). I haven't finished sorting through their clothes and putting them away but I wanted to show you that you can stand these upright if you need to.

Each girl has a cube for: skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans, and two cubes for pajamas.

I have three daughters who share this room and thankfully, the closet is bigger than the boys room. I have the 6-cube units upright so I can fit all three. So each girl has a spot for their dresses and tops to hang above and for their bottoms below.

Their baskets for socks and undies will sit in front of their cubes. Since they are tall they won't fit on top. However, if we ever divide the girls up and get rid of our play room then I would be able to lay them down and give more space.

I love how these turned out! It was a great way to maximize the space and without doing a  major overhaul on the closet design. Most closets come with just the one rack on top and I wasn't interested in putting a lot of time and money into adding more. I simply, let my husband put these together, :) and I filled them with clothes. 

If you didn't want to sort the clothes as I did and had empty cubes you could put baskets in a few and keep the socks inside. 

More Ideas:

*Find which size of cube organizer will work for you. There are smaller sizes with just four cubes or I have seen larger sizes with 9. 

*If you don't want bunch more clothes together in one box then you could have room to put socks and other items in a cubby. 

*Instead of baskets on top you could lay more clothes out or line up all of their shoes. 

Overall, this was pretty simple to put together and I feel like I am getting use out of all of the space! I am super happy with this project! 


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  3. I LOVE this. We have five kids and store their clothes on the rack above their hanging clothes and not to be dramatic, but it’s EXHAUSTING getting everyone’s clothes and pjs down every day.