Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY Project: Rocking Chairs

I finally finished my rocking chairs right in time to kick off summer vacation! 

I found these on craigslist for $30 each, they are $150 brand new.  The ad said they were distressed. :) They were in bad condition. Paint was chipping off all over, it looked like the wood was rotting and there was even green moss on one of the arms.


AFTER: Still drying with cardboard underneath. I can't wait to put the pillows on them! 

BEFORE: My husband brought these home for me and I couldn't see how bad they were in the pictures from the ad. I have to admit I was nervous if I had just bought something I couldn't salvage. 

AFTER: But look at them now! So much better!

BEFORE: As I sanded them down I noticed that one chair was painted white underneath
 and the other was a dark green. 

AFTER: Now they are just a beautiful black!

Here are some pictures of the process. It took me a few weeks to get together. That first day of sanding I was in a hurry and didn't put them up on a table so all of the bending over trying to reach every angle I ruined my shoulder and neck. And of course then there is the busy life with kids and obligations so they sat on my front porch for a while half sanded down. :) Our neighbors were gracious not to comment on the eye sore I had in front of our house. 

Mostly sanded down

I used a grey primer coat. This took longer to apply than the final coats of black. 

I really enjoyed working on these in my peaceful backyard. My husband got all of the kids ready for bed while I listened to soft music and covered my arms in paint while trying to reach all of the different angles.  It had been way too long since I did a project like this and oh how I missed it.

I put them on the front porch before I went to bed that night so they could finish drying.

I hope you are inspired to find a project this summer for yourself!

I have wanted rocking chairs on my front porch since I dreamed of having my own house.

My sweet Robert and I like to sit and wait for the kids to get off the bus and I am looking forward to trying these out.

Now if I can find motivation to clean out my garage! :)