Monday, February 24, 2014

"Hallelujah" Even in the weary moments.

I hope you are all doing well!

Our house has been burdened with the stomach bug. :( So far only three of the seven of us have had it but it has lasted over a week. We have spent our days doing a lot of laundry for our littles who can't make it to the bathroom in time. We have been living on rice, bananas, toast and gatorade.

This morning I was not prepared to run out the door to take my two oldest girls to school but somehow we made it. This afternoon I have an important meeting to attend with my youngest daughter and my husband will be teaching until late tonight. I am reminded that life still happens with sick kids.

In the midst of the chaos, I took a few minutes and watched this video, while trying to just breathe. I hope you enjoy. God is good. I pray I can give Him glory as I get through this day.

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