Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Laundry Soap Recipe:

Here are all the ingredients. Pretty simple. All of them were on the laundry isle except the Baking Soda was on the baking isle. 

There are tons of recipes on pinterest and I found one I like. Here it is and how it all comes together.

With five kids we do a ton of laundry. I started this a year ago and love it. We save so much money. I bought these at my local Winco, even the a five gallon bucket.

The ingredients cost a total of $24.91 It lasts our family a little bit more than 7 months. Who doesn't love that! Even if it was a conservative six months that is still less than $50. per year! HUGE savings.

This recipe fills my five gallon bucket 2/3 of the way full. I only use about 2-3 tbs at a time. In fact I use the scoop that comes with the oxi clean and only scoop it half full....I pour it in first so it mixes with the water and then dump in my clothes.

I got smart and finally wrote the recipe on the gallon bucket  so I won't lose it. Since I am only making this about every 6 months or so I don't want to have to search for it.

I also write on the bucket the date I make a new batch. It helps me keep an eye on how long it lasts for our family!
I grate the bars on the smaller side of the cheese grater. In fact this brand is yellow, some are pink, and it looks like grated cheese. So make sure to do this at nap time and keep it away from the kids.  

I put all four bars in a big bowl so once I start dumping I can add it in as I go. 
Here it is all mixed up. I dump a little at a time from each box and some of the grated soap and stir with a wooden spoon I keep just for this process.

I would suggest doing this outside...as you pour the dust comes up and it is less mess outside. 
Here is the cute little jar I got to keep on top of my dryer. The five gallon bucket is too big and I keep it up high on a shelf in my laundry room, away from the kids. 

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