Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cowgirl Birthday Fun!

Our buffet of treats!
Our sweet Mia turned 5 in December. She is madly in love with horses. She wants one so bad and often tries to convince me we could keep one in our garage. :) I was a little worried about how we would throw her a cowgirl party indoors. So many of the activities are for outside in the summer time. I think we were able to pull it off. :)

Here are some pictures from her party. All of our food was gluten free of course and mostly dairy free. Not pictured: We had a punch bowl of "Country Lemonade" or you could have a bucket of bottles of water and call it the "watering hole."


Rice Krispy treats

Trail Mix
Apple Wedges
GF cake #1

GF cake #2

Activity: Decorate hats 

Activity: Sit on bale of hay and "Lasso" rocking horse. 

Here is a closer picture. We had the pleasure of using my Great Grandpa's saddle to put on the hay. The kids loved it as they threw rings onto the horse! We used a few glow stick necklaces and taped them together to make a bigger and sturdy ring. They worked great. All the kids were able to make it and get a prize. 

We had an old pair of cowboy boots we put flowers in for decor.
Vests for the kids to pick out when they arrived. 

Once the kids decorated their hats and put on their vests they got to get a picture taken. 

Super easy to make!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! We had one happy cowgirl.


  1. I love how fun this looks! Do you mind sharing where you got the vests and hats? I'm trying to plan a Sheriff Callie party and they look perfect! TIA