Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update on: New Hearing Aid.

Well, after just one week of wearing his new hearing aid, Robert had an MRI and an ABR (hearing test). We were able to find out that he has no hearing what so ever in his left ear. He didn't respond to even the highest frequencies. I am thankful for answers and we now know that the hearing aid is doing nothing for him.

So, it sounds like we will go back to him wearing a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid).

I prayed we would know for sure which one would be the best option for him and I am thankful for concrete answers.

What a blessing that through the program we are in that we have been able to use a loaner hearing aid and BAHA while we search for the best tool. Other than having the hearing aid mold made we were able to just "borrow" a hearing aid to try, and now we can give it back so it can be a blessing to someone else.

I am trusting God in this and thankful for clear direction on the matter. If it was left up to me to decide I would have said that I thought his hearing aid was helping. There are so many variables and I am glad he was able to get this test done.

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