Friday, November 1, 2013

New Hearing Aid

Our little man got his first hearing aid! We have been using a BAHA ( a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) for a while now but after a recent test showed some frequencies in his left ear we are now trying a hearing aid to see if we get better results.

I am so thankful for these loaner hearing tools through our local program so we can navigate what is best for him.

He had such a hard time in the office with letting me try to put it in his ear. It was not a quick process. :)
But then we got home and he sat happily on my lap and let me try to figure it out. For a boy who has given me a very hard week with behavior and now this new device issue I was taken by total surprise when he was willing to let me figure it out.

He seems to be quite proud of his new hearing aid and lights up when ever he shows it to people. I hope we can tell if it is better than the BAHA or not.

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