Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Project for Master Bath!

I finally finished a project for my bathroom. I love how they turned out. And of course they were so cheap and easy to do.
 4 -8x8 Frames -Dollar Tree $1 each. 
Paper -Joann Fabrics Store .68 cents each.
Starfish and Shells- Local shop at Beach for 1.50 each. 
White Spray Paint (Had already)
Hot glue (Had already)
So each frame cost around about $3.50 to make! Crazy exciting. And I love them!

I have to add that I saw something very similar at Kohls just the other day going for $40. Insane. And I now have something I am proud of and matches my decor.

I had the shells and painted them to all match the bright white I wanted. They have been sitting in my "to do" spot for months. I had to find the right paper and you know have time to make it to the store. :) 
So here they are and I love it. I am going to now work on taking a black and white photo of my favorite beach spot to go on the other side of the window over my tub. Can't wait!! 

Enjoy the pics!

This is on the opposite wall by my door to bring it all together. :) 

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