Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Garbage Truck Birthday Party

My youngest son is obsessed with anything related to garbage. He loves the garbage trucks, squeels with joy when it is garbage day at our house and even steals his sisters tiny toys and puts them in socks, you know- garbage bags. :)

So we of course had to throw him a garbage truck themed birthday party. Here are some ideas for you! Enjoy!

These were so fun to put together. Party favors with candy and tattoos and treats inside. 

Rice Krispie Squares with M&M's

Traffic Light Condiments

We did pudding cups instead of cake. Chocolate pudding and once it set up I added candy rocks, swedish fish and fruit shaped fruit snacks and gummy worms on top. :)

And of course he got lots of garbage trucks, garbage and recycling cans etc..
He was SOOOO happy! 

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