Sunday, March 15, 2015

Art Birthday Party

Here we are another year later celebrating two of my daughter's birthdays. :) This year they asked for an art themed party. It was a huge success and a lot of fun to put together.

This was our main attraction. I am all about the sit down activities with a big group of kids. Granted 7 of them were mine. :) Aprons over the chairs, and each child had their own set up ready to go. When it was time to get settled in their spot I let them choose six colors of acrylic paint to put on their pallet. We did this activity first and let them dry on the counter so they were dry when it was time to go. I did forget to put down napkins for drying their brushes when they rinsed them.
I spent the day before making over 20 of these cups. So one large box of each jello color was a perfect amount. It took about 90 minutes for each layer to solidify so I could add the next one. I had a ladle that was about a 1/4 of a cup and it worked well.  We didn't do the white whipped cream layer in between as you often see because several of my kids are dairy free so I was happy this turned out just as pretty! 
All set up for our 15 little painters!  I am so thankful for our long dining space when we have events.  Every one got to sit together. 
The rainbow spread! :) So fun to decorate our kitchen island with all of these fun things. Close up pictures below.  
I easily made little easels out of popsicle sticks and hot glue. Have I mentioned before how much I love my hot glue gun?! They turned out so cute and a fraction of the price for the already made easels you can get at the craft store.  
We had punch and water available. Since we had so many colors I just picked my favorite punch recipe.  
These were super fun to make. Gluten free rice krispies, cut into longer pieces and after they cooled, but not for too long I pulled them out of the pan and jammed a popsicle stick inside. These were a different size then the sticks I used for my easels. I used different colored white chocolate discs and melted them in a small plastic bowl, just a small amount, so I could use all of the colors. I let them harden on wax paper and then put them on the serving tray. This was part of our dessert along with the jello. 
I am excited to say that my husband came up with this catchy title! I think my love for parties is rubbing off on him. :) 
Some of our rainbow veggies. :) 
Paint chips..the kind you can eat. :)  We used blue because they were our color blue for our veggie platter. 
Technically my fruit wasn't on a "platter" but I couldn't resist.  
Another cute shot of my rainbow jello. My oldest daughter isn't big on cake and wanted this for her birthday song. We put a candle in it and it worked great. :) 
I had a few small extra jars and I hot glued crayons around the outside. Yes I know spoons and forks should be facing down for grabbing but they didn't fit in my small jar. :)  
Our rainbow fruit and veggies. FRUIT: Strawberries, mandarin oranges because our cantaloupe wasn't ripe, fresh pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes. VEGGIES: Cherry tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, blue corn chips and a purple cabbage holding our ranch dip. 
Our cute signs. However, our printer was out of ink and I had to resort to decorating them myself. My husband offered to run to the store that morning to get ink…I guess he thought they were pretty bad. LOL.  
Another one of our food table signs.  
Our Party Favor Table: You put the "ART" in PARTY. Another one of my hand written signs. :) Crayons, rainbow silly straws and skittles. However I will add that I thought my sweet husband knew to get the rainbow colored packages. But I can't complain that he came home with these because he brought me all of my supplies and a dozen roses! 
Our little Thank You sign. See I am much better at little signs. :) 
Our decor for opening gifts.  
More rainbow decor. Had to put up last minute so the kids wouldn't rip them. And they still did.  
Setting up our rainbow backdrop. Super easy. I bought small cake plates , a pack of 20 and used 11 of each for this and the rest for serving food on. I hot glued a light weight twine on the back and taped them to my curtain rod. They held together nicely. 
My oldest son's art work. He was so proud of his creation. :)  
The kids had a lot of fun and it was great to see what they made.  

I hope you enjoyed the fun!  We will have another birthday party at the end of April. 

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