Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Only New Year's Resolution

I am a very reflective person at heart. So, you can imagine my excitement when the whole world joins me for a bit of insight on life.

I think most of us like the idea of new.  

However, debating on what to put on our list of goals can be a daunting task. There are the obvious; health related pursuits, splurges so we can enjoy life better, or education and job related goals.

Many of us pick an area of the house to purge from clutter with the hope of seeking the simple life, the frugal life, or the stress-free life. 

But here is the thing...

As I look back to the last year and reflect on the things I have accomplished, the regrets I have, and how I have changed- I see the constant...there are seasons in life. Emotional seasons, seasons of health, seasons of living in the desert, and there isn't one goal on my list that would have really helped me get through some of those hard trials or prevented them.

Life is a bumpy road with hard places to get through. Maybe you are in a season that isn't over yet, even though we are turning the calendar over to the new year. Give yourself some grace.

I will say this... I do think goals and lists and reflective thought is important to helping us change and grow. And we all have a mental list we want to pursue. But it can be overwhelming.

Instead, what if we focused one goal? Just one to give your attention to.

If we are going to dive into one goal whole heartedly, let it be this....
                                      to have a deeper relationship with God.

Whether you are struggling with healthy living or feeling trapped in a cluttered house, or living with the guilt from past choices, you can impact all areas when you seek God with your whole heart. 

"Because with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)

We can run to Jesus and He will shape our heart, our lives. 

What does this look like?
Ask God to come into your heart and change it. 
Pray that God shows you the sin in your life and how to walk away from it. 
Read God's word in the bible, every day.
Ask for forgiveness.
Seek fellowship with other Christians.

Pray to Him every day.
Read His word every day. 
Ask Him to clean your heart, every single day. 

God craves a relationship with us and when we seek His will for our lives, the other goals we have will either fall into place or we will discover different goals. 

Who doesn't love simple? 
Instead of adding to the long list of wishes, we can simply work on changing one habit- seeking Jesus daily.

I am so thankful for my relationship with Jesus and how much he has changed my heart and guided me this last year, these last few years. This new year is something to be celebrated.

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