Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun

This post is a little late... but here are some fun pictures from our Thanksgiving. We hosted this year and had a great time putting it all together. I love to decorate a table and plan the food and the whole party planning fun!

We had a great group of family over and wonderful food.

This little appetizer platter was an idea from...ready for husband! :) He didn't do any of the shopping or put it together but he claims it as his own. :) I joke but he did all the other work that I don't like to do, the yard work, heavy lifting and blowing leaves etc.. :) I am thankful that he helps prepare for the fun. Oh and he cooked the turkey for me. I do not enjoy touching raw meat of any kind.

Here is our fun table spread. Plenty of food for care packages. Who doesn't love Thanksgiving leftovers?

Here is our table spread. Jeff actually had input on this as well. :) It was fun to put together. And we had a chance to use our china! No plastic plates for the kids. :) 

Our oldest girls loved helping set the table. They did all of the napkin folding and silverware. 

I lucked out and found these amazing rustic orange flowers the day before Thanksgiving.

These were super easy to make. I love place cards. Everyone knows which spot to put their drinks at. :)

I had these stamps and went simple this year. Plus the colors coordinated with our table decor.

After our wonderful dinner and time with family, all of our kids went to Grandma's house and spent the night with their cousins. Jeff and I had a cozy night at home, just the two of us. What a treat! 

I hope you all had a wonderful time with family. We had a great day.

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