Monday, December 22, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party!

My daughter turned 6 this month and for once we had a perfect theme for her December birthday!

I was able to find a ton of snowflake decor on sale right before Christmas. :)

First let me introduce you to my favorite part...the cake! My sweet girl looked around online with me for inspiration and we both had high hopes for her cake. I was excited and nervous to try to pull some ideas together and I have to say I am pretty excited about our creation.

Our cakes are always gluten-free of course. I used a 9x13 pan for the bottom layer and I did a vanilla cake. The gluten-free vanilla mixes I use are usually more dry and I figured it would hold the weight better.

The top around double layer was chocolate. The towers are made of three gluten-free ice cream cones. I covered them with white chocolate melts and a bit of oil to thin it out. They worked great and hardened overnight.

The figurines were the only part that wasn't edible. I used white chocolate melts mixed with a little bit of teal food coloring and drizzled it onto parchment paper and let harden over night. Then very carefully I propped it up with toothpicks behind the Elsa figurine. I was really happy with how it turned out. I gave it a good sturdy bottom to stick into the frosting.  The snowflakes were also made out of the white chocolate melts. I then sprinkled the cake with teal crystal sprinkles. Oh, and I warmed up the frosting a bit and let me tell you, it made frosting the cake so much easier!

I intended on taking more pics of the process but I was a nervous wreck trying to pull it together. :) Behind the cake for a backdrop (to hide the stove and toaster) I used mason jars filled with mini marshmallows and silver shiny leaves I found at Michaels on crazy clearance. :) They worked perfect!

Glacier Punch was made with Hawaiian blue punch (hard to find BTW) and Sprite and a little bit of pineapple juice. The more pineapple juice you add, the more green it will become. :)

Our party was during the lunch hour and in my rush to get the rest of the food out as guests arrive, I forgot to take pictures of our sandwiches. We used little rolls from Costco and GF bread for those of us who needed it.  The sign read a quote from the movie... "We finish each other's sandwiches." -Anna

These are seriously too sweet for me. But a great way to add coordinating color with the party. Again, the white chocolate melts with a little bit of food coloring. 

I think I have had black olives at almost every party! Ha! For our train party, they were lumps of coal. Today they were snowman buttons! :)

I was super excited to find these Gluten-Free covered pretzels to use as snowflakes. 

Our lunch menu was a little on the sweet side. :)  Also not pictured, carrots and dip for Sven Snacks.

I found the paper crowns at Party City. 

I couldn't find any crowns for the boys so I made these with generic party hats and snowflakes I had. They were little snow flurries! 

 We had 17 kids attend the party! It was a bit crazy. Many of the girls from her class came dressed in Elsa Dresses. It was a lot of fun but I knew it would quickly become chaos so I try to plan for table activities for the kids to do. We made Elsa necklaces, or Anna necklaces. I basically bought beads that were similar colors with the movie theme and let them create!

Note: Check to make sure the string you buy fits in all of the beads. :) I had a multi pack that had smaller beads and they wouldn't fit on the plastic string I bought. So we used floss. It didn't fray at the end and worked great!  I bought three of these big teal platters at the Dollar Tree and gave each kid a plate to keep some beads for themselves on. 

Note: Since we had a few boys at the party I also bought some football beads and football team colored beads in case they wanted to make something different. I was impressed that some of the girls were just as excited about the football beads! :)

Everyone busy making their creations. The parents and I helped tie a bead at the bottom of the necklace to keep them all on. The spillage wasn't too bad until I grabbed the wrong end of one necklace and dumped all of the hard work onto my floor. Most of it went under my fridge! :( The poor girl was heart broken but I gave her a new bag of beads to take home and try again. :) 

Our goodie bags. I found most of the stuff for these at Party City. The bags were at Party city and I added snowflake stickers on front. We filled them with stickers, tattoos, pencils, and more messy plastic snow at the bottom! :) I had a few for the boys, mostly who were mine, and put eye patches and airplanes inside. You would think with a movie that has a snowman and a reindeer in the main cast that they would have more treats for boys. 

This really was a lot of fun to put together and the best daughter loved her party! 

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got some great ideas! 


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