Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Laura and Katie have birthdays just a week a part. So we celebrated them turning 7 and 4 years old with a Little Mermaid themed party! It was a lot of fun to put together. Enjoy the photos!

I made this banner with simple cardstock paper, which happened to be on sale - bonus!
I printed large letters and cut them out. I quickly realized the black wouldn't show up well against the dark blue but by leaving a white trim as I cut them out it helped the letters pop off the dark color. I simply taped the back of them to ribbon. (make sure they are in the right direction for when you flip them that they will read the correct way. Sadly I didn't realize this until I was done and had to start over. :)
Sea Water

 Forks "Dinglehoppers"

Cheese triangles "Shark Teeth"

Ruffle Chips "Waves"

Carrot Sticks "Crab Legs"

"Ocean Floor" Humus. Another good name could be, "Sandy Beach" Humus.

Sea Cucumbers

"Drift Wood" Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks

Here are the ariel cakes I made. I used Pamela's Chocolate cake mix, aka- the best GF cake I have ever had. My original plan was to do cupcakes but for some reason I couldn't find my cupcake pan anywhere! Thankfully I had food coloring and enough frosting to pull this together. I had also found the cake toppers at the Dollar Tree when I was shopping for last minute party supplies. I couldn't believe they had Ariel! I am really happy with how these turned out. I of course always recommend practicing on a plate before designing on the cake. :)

Here is an "ariel" view of the cake. :)

I had two cakes, one for each birthday girl. :) 

These wall back drops just happened to fit my dining room windows! The sun helped them glow a bit. 

Ready for opening gifts. 

The pinata was a big hit. I was so glad the sun was shining so we could go outside.  Our kids LOVE pinatas and ask for them every birthday. We hardly do them so they were super excited! 

This was the pinata filling! I had one for each guest. It was super easy and the snack bag fit in the pinata hole. I had bubbles, a tattoo and a few treats. No mess. No fighting and hurt feelings over who got what. I would totally do this again! 

"Pin the seashell" Game. This was a lot of fun. The game only had 8 stickers so I traced one on paper and made enough for everyone to have their own. 

My little Mia got it right on the spot! :) We had all the kids sit on the stairs behind this photo which allowed them each to see the game and kept them in one spot while they waited for their turn. 

Activity: Paint your own treasure chest! I got these little plates from the dollar tree and wrote their names on them in sharpie so they could also let them dry. We did this activity first so they could dry while we finished the party. I put a piece of wax paper in the crease so the paint wouldn't seal them shut. Although I think the kids removed most of them. 

Aprons, I love these aprons, we now have a good amount of them. :) They are great for when we do art projects or bake or any other messy activity. Each guest got a plate with some paint already on it and a little dish of water. It kept all the kids together at the table instead of running around the house. :)

These were foam stickers I happened to find to add to the treasure chest. 

Overall it was a super fun party! Great weather and happy kids!

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