Friday, September 13, 2013

Drinking Coffee while it is hot....rare.

Today was the first day in nearly 2 weeks of adjusting to our fall schedule that I have been able to sit down after my oldest went to school and the littles played. My husband so graciously made me a pot of coffee and I was able to actually drink it while it was hot! Oh how I have missed freshly hot coffee. So often I pour a cup and it sits on the counter as I run around getting the kids ready and I end up sticking it in the microwave a few times through out the day. Not the same.

I didn't realize how much I needed to be at home today. Feeling thankful for my house, my place of refuge, and looking into my backyard through my kitchen windows on this grey and gloomy day. The weather made my heart happy so I am soaking up the drizzle. The grey skies are just what I needed after a week of heat and running around like a crazy woman.

I don't mind the crazy schedule and usually it is important or fun stuff but I often forget how much we need to fill my soul with God's word and rest.  Why am I still learning this lesson?

I love fall. I know a lot of people love fall, and some hate it. But I am madly in love with everything that comes with fall. I get excited about rain. Lots of rain, and not the wimpy stuff but the hard, loud, wonderful rain.

I feel good with the windows open and it is dark and grey outside and my lamp is on in the corner of the room. There is something about the rain that makes being inside so wonderful. Warm drinks, hot soups comfort my soul. Feeling the crisp wind when I am out is so refreshing to breathe in. Scarfs and boots and cozy socks are some of my favorite things.

It makes me feel united as a family to be inside and playing board games with the kids. Maybe it is that in the summer we are doing so many thing outside and seeing what entertainment the world can bring to us but when we are inside we enjoy each other. Fall is intimate.

Crafts, oh yes, did I mention crafts? Something about the fall and winter months that bring out the motivated crafter in me. Don't get me wrong I enjoy crafty things and DIY projects all year long but there is something enjoyable about working on a good project on my dining room table. :)

With all that said, I have to think about my attitude toward my hot coffee moment. What a relaxing morning I have had. I could easily get bitter about my obligations with the idea that I deserve to have time to sit and enjoy a treat with an entitled attitude. The reality is it is a bonus, a blessing and simply just a treat. There is more to life than the goal of having a cup of joe.

My attitude check on my life shouldn't be based on how many mornings I am able to sit and enjoy simple pleasures. How often when we are going through trials, when life gets stressful, do we fall back to thinking it is as simple as just having a cup of coffee? I guess I feel like as thankful as I am for this quiet day at home I feel a bit spoiled and that maybe complaining about not having enough down time to goof around online or read a book isn't the best outlook on life for me have.

Praise God for health and a home and family and privilege. So here I am enjoying my coffee and this moment and accepting it for what it is...a treat. Not to allow me to be bitter about the obligations to come or stresses of yesterday but that I am lucky to have a busy schedule with five beautiful healthy children. That I am allowed to run around town because my husband provides for our family. I think so often I want to complain about making lunches every day and doing dishes over and over and over but these are joys, wonderful joys.

Feeling thankful.

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