Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last night before bed I was having one of those long "what if" conversations with my two oldest daughters Laura and Mia.

What if our house catches on fire?
What if I have to call 91?
What if our dog dies and I miss her?

Part of me was sure they just wanted to stay up longer and keep me in their room as they hardly took a moment to pause for me to interrupt and say good night. But they sucked me in and I am glad they did. I had a wonderful moment with them as we sat in the dark room lit up by the nightlight at the edge of my sweet Mia's bed. We were able to talk through some of their questions and I was often surprised by their confident responses to some of their crazy scenarios. They knew where to evacuate if we had a fire and when to call 911. :)

But as the night gets late they often get more emotional and tired. Tears came from fears of the unknown. I have been there. I tried to comfort them and redirect the conversation. Who do we turn to in those moments I asked Mia....Jesus. She was quick to add..."I was just going to tell YOU that."  :) 

Toward the end of our conversation Mia talked of how much she loved Jesus. And she does. I am often convicted by her passion for Christ and how much she prays to Him through out her day. She had just scraped her knee on the sidewalk earlier that evening and as she laid in bed she asked if we could pray that God would give her comfort from the pain. 

Then out of our conversation she asked me if she could pray to Jesus. She wanted to tell Him how much she loves Him and how happy she is that He lives in her heart. She wants to live her life for Him and not be selfish. 

I fought tears as I heard these words come out of her mouth. I got to hear her heart for Christ. I am beyond happy and proud to be her Mother. 

What a moment for me and my daughter, Laura, who has accepted Jesus in her heart a few years ago. 

Thank you Jesus for these conversations with my children. I pray that I will be able to continue to direct them toward you in their days on this earth and that you will bless them. I can not wait to see what God has planned for each of my children and I could want nothing more than for them to live for our Savior. 


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