Monday, September 24, 2012

Bonding through illness

Tonight our sweet one-year-old foster son woke up only an hour after I put him down for bed. All day today he had been chewing on things and sporting the ever-so-fun runny nose. I imagine he is teething or starting a cold. He is normally so wiggly and all over the place that we don't get to cuddle much. Although he seems to have a love for my husbands lap during a movie.

We have been hoping to adopt him along with his 2 year old sister who is in our home. I have been eager to bond with him since he only just started spending more time in our home while he is still in another foster home.

I have been dreading this new fall and all the time we spend being sick. In fact I have to say that I HATE illness. I have had a big fear of it most of my life and well with five kids in our home it is bound to show its face for a good chunk of the year.

However, tonight as I sat in my chair rocking this sweet boy back to sleep I thought about how this was a good time for us to bond. I smelled his freshly bathed hair and rubbed his back over his full bodies pajamas. I got to stare into his face and watch him fall asleep. I didn't realize how much I missed this baby stage.

This little guy depends on me to take care of him. How lucky I am that God has placed me in charge of this sweet child. What a gift. So I try not to stress about all that comes with being sick but rather that this is what I prayed for, children to take care of, especially in these moments. I found myself holding him even though he was fast asleep and I could have laid him back down.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the responsibility to take care of this child. You know best and I am so eager to see your plan unfold. Amen.

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