Monday, June 18, 2012

Use me, Lord?

"God uses those who are inadequate so He can show what He can do." I recently came across these words on a day I needed to hear them.

I so often ask myself, who am I? What do I have to offer? How am I equipped to do that task?

Being a stay at home mom with kids I would often find myself telling people about my previous jobs along with being a mother in defense to their question, "What do you do?" But then I always leave the conversation wondering why I do that. Why do I feel like being a stay-at-home mom isn't enough in other people's eyes. Is that how I see it?

I started my young adult life with fulfilling many passions in life from working up the ladder in the business world, catering weddings, having my own massage therapy business, creating a website business, making and selling products, volunteering for good causes and working in ministry. God has blessed me with a love for many things and I am thankful for all the time I had to do them all.

However, many of those came from passion, hard work and training. Motherhood is on the job experience. There is no degree or license required. What value do I put in being a stay-at-home mom? What is my attitude about how I spend my time? I want to remember on those hard days at home that it is a blessing to get to raise my children and have these memories. I want to keep the attitude that I get to do all of those things that I did before and more with my kids. I get to plan menu's and teach them to cook, I get to teach them to read and take them on picnics and teach them to sew and paint. We have dance parties in the middle of the afternoon and plan surprises for their dad when he comes home from work. We get to feed ducks and play in the bath. I am so thankful I get to be their comfort when they get hurt and cuddle up when they are sad. I love to watch them play together some day they will grow up and not ask me to do a puzzle with them.

I have seen a handful of those inspirational quotes around online about all the things we get to do as moms. Here are just a few:

As a Mom I get to be; a teacher, a nurse, a photographer, a chef, a referee, and handyman, an event planner, a hairdresser, a spider killer, a house keeper, a fan at sporting events, a counselor, an explorer, and so much more!

I want to remind myself of the huge amount of opportunities I get and the responsibility I have to walk through life with my kids instead of focusing on the losses the world thinks I have from not working in the corporate world.

Lord, help me keep the right attitude about the life you have called me to have. Lord thank you for you blessings and allowing me to have this time with my children. It is the perfect life for me, I have so many passions in life and you have let me see that I have the best job of all. Being a Mom lets me do all of them over and over. Amen.

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