Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Suttle Lake Vacation

We just enjoyed a wonderful vacation with my husband's family at Suttle Lake....which was maybe 10 miles from Sisters, Oregon.  The kids had a blast! 

The kids taking one last look off the front porch of our cabin, before we head home. 

Note to self: Always bring night lights on vacation. I always forget and end up buying some at the near by store. :) The new environment is always a little scary for the kids at night and we end up keeping a bright lamp on.

Robert LOVED the geese that visited us during our trip. 

Our little visitors. :) 

Katie with her Uncle walking in the water.  
The breeze from the lake was very refreshing. Over our vacation we played in different areas and even drove to Scout Lake, that was our favorite place for the kids to play. 

Playing in the water. Katie had the biggest smile on her face. :) She worked so hard to show me her toes! :)

Horse Back Riding at Black Butte Ranch.
The kids each got to ride around the corral and enjoy the breathtaking view! 

While I very clearly saw the defense mechanisms the change in environment from our little Robert, I was very proud of how he powered through all of this fun and excitement. He absolutely LOVED riding the horse. I saw a smile from ear to ear the entire time he rode that horse. 

So, with two major horse lovers in our bunch of kids and the fact that all of them love to ride, I think we need to figure out a way for these kids to get some more horse time in their schedule. :) 

One of my favorite pictures! 

If you are going to ride a horse, this is the way to do it. I love this view!

The three girls enjoying a snack with an amazing view of the lake.
Got to love those dirty little feet. :)

We were able to stop by Angelina's Bakery in Sisters Oregon and enjoy some of their gluten-free treats! 

Katie really got into playing baseball with her dad. 
 We woke up to giggles in the morning, we played hard outside and my husband even treated me to a massage at the spa in the lodge. In fact, he offered to change most diapers and even kept the dishes washed. I feel very spoiled! 

Of course the coordinating outfits!

Overall we had a wonderful time. We stayed up late and slept in, and even attempted to make french toast and bacon in our little tiny kitchen. :) The scenery was amazing and the evening breeze was refreshing. 

We are all happy back at home, kids playing with their toys, everyone taking some down time after a busy four days. Our dogs are back home in their backyard and we are off to bed, a little earlier than we have been this last week. :) 

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