Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Look For Summer!

After almost 2 years of not changing my hair I was eager for change!

But summer vacation is here and with a last minute appointment, cause that is how I roll, I made my way to a wonderful salon with the intent of only getting a cut.  I left with a cut AND some highlights and feel very refreshed!

BEFORE: Wow, that was long! And all natural.
I  think I was 12 the last time I had my own hair color. :) 
Growing up I colored my hair every color and had a new hair style just about every month. With life stealing my attention I had let my hair grow out more than I realized.

AFTER: Over 8 1/2 inches cut off! And two shades of highlights. 
AFTER: Playing around with my new look! Loving my curls.
This is a darker picture but the highlights are awesome! 

BEFORE: Crazy how long it was from this picture taken a month before. 
I have to also admit that after I disaster hair cut a few years ago I was a little gun shy. I had gone in for a new look and somehow, even though I asked for long bangs down to my cheek bone, I ended up with bangs so short that they hardly laid flat. Through tears I yelled for her to stop cutting and had to go to another salon to help fix the mess. I had to cut more bangs further back to hide the short hair. Maybe I lost my nerve after that.

Absolutely loving my new hair!

Yay for curls! 

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