Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach Fun!

Finally the stomach bug has left our house and we started our summer fun with a day at the beach! It has been in the 90's at our house and were eager for some cooler weather. It was perfect. This was our first beach trip with all five kids. We have gone before with different combinations of the group but not all 5 together. So of course I was picture happy. :)

Here are a few! Hope you are all having a great summer!

"Surfing" on a boogie board. :) 

I love the river on the beach so the kids can play
 in the water but I don't have to stress over the waves. 

It was a wonderful day...very windy though. 

Collecting rocks

Our little girl who LOVES horses.
We had to stop when we saw a place to ride miniature ponies. 

Snack time! 

Such fun! 

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