Friday, January 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home Part 1

Last night my husband and I were laying in bed reflecting back on how we got to this point. Our house has a buyer and we will most likely move at the end of this month. We are planning to rent so we can search for the perfect house that fits our large family. We don't want to outgrow another house.

It all started with a post card we got in the mail about 6 months ago.  It doesn't happen often but we noticed a post card in our junk mail advertising a house for sale nearby. It was more than we thought we could afford but we fell in love with the pictures and just had to look inside. So we contacted our realtor and walked through. Oh and it was amazing. We knew we weren't ready to buy yet but started talking about our plan for the near future.   Eventually this house sold. But looking back on things this house got the process started for us.

Over the next few months we looked around at houses and started praying and talking about what we need to look for. We have kids with specific needs which will require a specific house.

We found another dream home. We obsessed over the pictures online and after we couldn't take it anymore we walked through. Oh it was amazing. This house prompted us to start talking to a lender and see exactly what we would qualify for and what our timeline was. Just as we figured everything out this house had another offer. :(  But as we reflect this house got us to find out our lender information and get our numbers in order. We weren't exactly ready to buy but we knew of a few loose ends we needed to clear up and we would then continue to shop around.

It is hard to look at houses of course and not be ready to buy. We found another house close by that wasn't built yet. But the floor plans were more than we could have hoped for. We had learned from the previous houses that they weren't exactly what we needed. They were amazing but we have more specific needs for long term. We were thankful that God shut those doors and now we could pursue this new house. We made an offer on this new house that was to be built but with a very close counter offer we had to say no to some of their requests that were too risky for us. It was hard to do because we loved this floor plan and the idea of being able to pick out the interior was very appealing. We realized with this house that it is too hard to make an offer contingent on selling our house. So we decided to put our energy into selling our home first knowing we might have to rent if we didn't find a house right away.

We make the bold move and get our house ready for the market. It took less than one month busy with house showings for us to get great offer. People thought we were crazy for selling our house before we knew which house we wanted to buy. It has been so clear with each step that God has been guiding us through this process. Our hearts are eager for God's direction.

So here we are with our house near closing. God has provided the exact amount from our house that we need for a handful of moving needs.  We have researched a place to rent and found the best option available to us. We would have some sacrifices but we were willing to move to this new place. It is only temporary and even though it is out of our daughter's school district we were able to keep her where she is if I drive her every day.

While we prepare to move into a rental town home we have our eye on a different house. And I know I have said this with every house before but this house is amazing. It is a large bank owned home and so far it fits our needs perfectly. It has an open floor plan which we want for our son who is deaf/hard of hearing. It has enough bedrooms for our children which is a big need since we have some children who have sleeping issues and need their own space, one of the main reasons we started looking for a new home. We would not out grow this house and it is in the school district we are currently in and hope to stay in. Only because it is bank owned it is  now in our price range. It does need from what we have seen new carpet and new paint, everywhere. But those things don't worry me, they are cosmetic.

Of course we recently asked our realtor if we could walk through. We fell in love even more. This house just fits us, it fits our family. I am still praying for God's will. That night after seeing the house in person we found out from our lender that because the taxes are so high on this house it is out of our price range. We would have to offer a much lower amount which isn't typically expected to go through.

So after reflecting on all of this my husband and I see that God has provided what we need up until this point. We are madly in love with possible house and still hope to buy it so we can provide more space for our children, but first we seek God's will. We take comfort in knowing that He already knows which house we will get and when we will get it. I think it is because we have seen him provide so much for us before in this journey of foster care and giving us what we need in His perfect timing that we can be confident and wait. Right now we are not able to make an offer, we have some money coming soon for our down payment and we have to wait 2 months before we can make a move. This house has been on the market for a long time and even though it is hard to sit and wait we know that nothing is going to happen with out God allowing it to happen. If is is meant to be our home it will be waiting for us.

I know if this house falls through that it is because there is a better one for us. God knows our needs more than we do.

So here I sit and wait and dream of where we will be. I am thankful for our first home He provided.  It is hard to say good bye to this home we have put our lives in, our memories, but it is just a house and our home will be where ever we go.

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