Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Our Classroom Tour

When we decided to homeschool our kids, I looked ALL over Pinterest for ideas and asked all of my homeschool friends for insight as we started to prepare. There are just too many choices. In researching what we wanted to do, I realized that everyone's house and family size is different so of course their classroom space will be different. This is one of the wonderful aspects of homeschooling.  Meeting the individualized needs of your family.

However, many suburban type homes have a front room, an office space, etc... this is how we transformed ours.

Our front room is right by the front door of our house and we used it for various things in the last five years. But mostly it was just a sitting room of sorts, although my husband and I would have coffee dates in there, some mornings, while the kids watched cartoons.

I knew that for our family, we needed this to be our "classroom."

Here is our BEFORE and AFTER.

Of course we also planned to do school at the dining room table, on the couches, and even in our kitchen and backyard. But I wanted a place that we could keep all of our supplies and the kids could have a place to call their own. For me to keep any kind of order with a large family, we needed to have a homeschool room.

Here is the tour of our classroom....

This is my favorite wall, it is the focus wall you see when you walk in. I wanted it to be simple, not cluttered and overstimulating for the kids. There was room for our five school aged kids to have their own desk and swivel chair (IKEA). I got them LED lamps from (Target).

I spray painted their cork boards so they could each have their own color and it would be better to look at than five brown boards. This allowed them to put their own favorite things on them and make them their own. We put their names at the top and they were able to add their badges they earned this summer from the Oregon Caves and photos and charts etc.... I am so happy with how it turned out.

On the center of the wall, I took an giant frame I had from a mirror originally and it was white to begin with. Next, I painted it black and used it to frame a large print (which you can see in the BEFORE and AFTER photo above). And now I have spray painted it grey and added some twine across the back with clothes pins so we could hang art work on the wall. This would allow us to change our art work as we needed without a bunch of holes in my wall.

Here is an example....we made spider webs after reading Charlotte's Web

The tiny cards across the wall, are alphabet cards with a scripture verse for each letter. I found them through this little company in based in Alaska,  Wren and the Raven. I love them so much!

Here is the whole alphabet...

I wanted some of the fun classroom stuff like the alphabet but with our own twist, I was desperate for us to enjoy this room. Did we need to see posters of grammar, or the periodic table all year long? Nope. We can learn about them but don't need to stare at them on the walls.

I wanted this room, being in the front of our house, to have a similar flow and coordinate with the rest of our home.

This is my area! I had a black desk already that I brought into this room. I placed one of our child folding tables we use for holidays next to mine for our two-year-old foster daughter to use. and I covered my cork board in peach duct tape. I have the brown chair on the other side because I often have one of the kids come sit at my desk if they need more attention and focus.

I love coral! I love it so much. So I spray painted a few things coral and found a peach colored lamp and my husband found this giant coffee mug for me that is a beautiful coral. (I like to drink ice water in coffee cups, it keeps my water super cold and I get less condensation) :)

I was determined to enjoy this room, my vanilla scented candle and my hygge music really does the trick as we head into the cold winter.

These are the school supplies for my youngest son.  He loves everything that is green, especially grasshoppers and garbage cans/trucks. These desks have a pullout drawer to hold all of their supplies. I really love their size so much.

When our two-year-old foster daughter was with us loved my dry erase board but it was too high so I got one just at her level. She loved it so much! I put a little mat on the floor underneath so if she dropped the pen it wouldn't stain the carpet.

Here is one of our school days where I needed two of the kids to come sit with me so I could help them work. We love our room! You also will notice the coral rug I put down to protect our carpet from markers etc....

This is the other side of the room, we have since added a few more wall items but we love our maps and this shelf to hold the stuff we use each day. We have double doors to our front room and keep one shut with a bean bag for a cozy spot. I found this beautiful photo of an oak tree and it is just so peaceful and had a little bit of coral/peach in the sunset. We needed calm, peaceful art.

A closer look...with our favorite book of course. A jar of decorative acorns that we use to fill the jar and earn celebrations like school at our local coffee shop with hot chocolate. I also love this white bin we put our library books in. The rule is they stay in there if they aren't being used. This helps us not lose them or mix them up with our own books. We have a tall bookshelf in our garage/game room holding our own books.

Here it is. A little full of books. :)

This is our home school room! I hope it inspires you to do what you love for your own space. This layout is working really well for our family. 

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