Friday, May 5, 2017

A Love Letter to my Gluten-Loving Spouse

An Open Love Letter to my Gluten-Loving Spouse

We married before either of us knew about my Celiac Disease. I remember the days we ate french bread and frolicked through the park, until I had to run in a desperate search for a bathroom. Oh, those were the years.

I have memories of going out to eat with our friends, and by the time we got home my stomach was so swollen without us knowing why. But oh, how we laughed and giggled over the fact that I looked like I was nine months pregnant. Life was a simple time back then. Eat, Get Sick. Repeat.

But in all seriousness, you loved me through pain and fear of my symptoms and walked with me through my diagnoses and changes in diet. Here we are now, a decade later, living gluten-free and I don't know that I ever said thank you.

Thank you for never making me feel less than.  Thank you for never expressing that I was an inconvenience, not once. You never blamed me or showed frustration when certain restaurants weren't an option.

Over the years I have watched you get excited for me when a food label indicates that it is gluten-free. I have sat at the kitchen counter while you prepared gluten-free pancakes and ate them as if they were the fluffy clouds of awesomeness. You ignored the fact that they were a little more dense and a little too grainy in texture and had a taste that leaves you questioning the reason for the main ingredient.

You often bring a smile to my face when you come home from the grocery store, eager to show me a new gluten-free product you found. You have embraced this bump in the road, this adaption to life wholeheartedly and I love you so much for it!

You show me your love when you buy those crazy expensive donuts just so I can have a fun change in my breakfast routine. I notice the efforts you make when you grab that box off the shelf and read the ingredients like a warrior who is ready for battle. Who would have thought watching you read ingredients would be so romantic?

I appreciate your efforts more than you will ever know.  You have embraced this aspect in my life and now in the lives of our children with out skipping a beat, without any complaint that things should be different. I hope you know that you have impressed me all these years.  I love so many things about who you are, one of them is how you show love for our family through loving this Celiac.

I love you.

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