Thursday, July 30, 2015

DIY Homework Station

I am so behind on our vacation posts from this summer but wanted to share my excitement with you from my little DIY project!

This next year I will have four of my five kids in all day school and at the same school! It is going to be much different from this last year when I had kids with so many different start and stop times at three different schools.

So I am getting a little excited about how my routine at home will look. Last year I left every hour to pick someone up or drop them off or to take them to therapy. all of my day dreaming about this year coming up I did a little bit of prep work. Lets just say I am sure I looked like a crazy lady stalking the school supply isle at the store with supply lists for four kids. It is a good thing I went during a quiet time or things could have been rough for the other shoppers.

After bringing home, what felt like the entire school supply section I sorted (with the help of my two oldest girls who are organizers after my own heart) and we stuffed each backpack with their needed supplies.

Then came the fun part... 
Our own little organization station for homework folders, library books, and permission slips. 

I found this at my local office supply store and I did a little happy dance in the store when I saw that it had exactly five sections for my five kids. (Our two foster kids are expected to return to parent before the fall, and are not in school this next year.)

I was tempted to spray paint it white and I still might do that later on but for now it is perfect. I added their names in Sharpie and am so pleased with how it turned out.

Last year I had a basket for our two older girls to put their stuff in, they were older and able to keep track of which books belonged to who etc.. but this year I have two kindergarteners and each child has their own due dates for homework and library books, etc..

The little DIY came from the labels I added. I bought labels which I needed for their school supplies, yes I label their name instead of just writing on the box of crayons, it just looks pretty! :)

So I cut the labels in two inch strips and put them on the bottom for each section so each kid will now magically have their own spot. You have no idea how crazy excited this makes me!

This is what it will look like...full of their stuff! So in love with this! I had even put the folders in it horizontally and my daughter moved them to the vertical position which is even better! Love her. <3

A rule in our house is that library books stay here, unless being read. I have spent too many mornings looking through our messy bookshelves searching for library book tags only to find them hiding under a bed or under a pile of toys. So, this is now their home for the week that they stay in our house.

I also dream of happy kids doing their homework every day at the dining room table while eating a super healthy snack! LOL. Hopefully these will get us going in the right direction....

In addition to buying school supplies I purchased a few extra items and added them to these cubbies I found at the dollar store a while back. They hold, markers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, scissors and tape. I added a few ikea cups to separate the items needed. I can stash them away on the counter or in a closet and bring them out for all of the kids to share.

They usually have similar supply cubbies in their classrooms so why not at home?

I feel a little bit more accomplished than last year when I scrambled last minute after doing a catering event right before school started.

This is our first year with most of the kids going to school and while my husband and I have spent the last year praying about which route of education would be best for each of our kids we are looking forward to the direction we feel is a good fit for everyone this year.

Happy to finally finish a blog post!
I promise...more fun pictures coming soon from our Disneyland trip and other fun vacations!

Much love.

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