Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Busy Bee....

.....has been working hard!

We are close to publication! Soon, What Led Me To You will be available on and a few other places!

 These last few weeks have been busy for our family. Not only with all of the chaos that comes with having seven little kids at home but I have been spending the late night hours and nap times getting this going.

I am adding the finishing touches to the interior and working on the cover design! I have been blessed to have a few amazing, talented people work with me as we pull the last finishing touches together.

So check in now and then because I hope to soon announce that we are finished!

I am so excited and terrified. Is it bad that my eye is twitching? :)

So just a quick note today before I run out the door to take the littles to preschool.

Much love.

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