Sunday, March 22, 2015

African-American Hair Care Week #3

My sweet girl wanted a pony tail this week.

Bath time went great, her hair has been staying soft and untangled for the most part.

This week was the first week we didn't have anxiety about hair day or meltdowns over it. In fact, M was looking forward to it. We have special time while the other littles are napping and she gets to watch a movie on the counter.

Our look for this week! Super cute and girly. 
This week I was eager to give her a new part since the last two styles had her hair parted down the middle. I wanted to give her hair a break and have it in different directions. So I started with a braid centered on the top of her head with a new area parted.

Here is another view of the finished look. 

After her bath time I parted it all around her head to make sure I would have even sections.
Since we had just washed it and it was still damp and tangle free from detangling it with conditioner in it while in the bathtub, I was able to section it pretty quick. 

Here is M watching her Barbie movie while resting her head on each side so I can braid around.
I added a bit of hair lotion to each section as I came to it but not a lot at the roots because if it was too slick it would have been hard to braid. I knew I would add more to the ends after the pony tail was in. 

I had one last braid on the bottom that we paused the movie for and quickly braided
with her head over the stool. 

All of the braids are done, I didn't go all the way to the end because
I knew that I was taking the end portion out to do two strand twists.
I made sure to braid close to the head and pulling in the direction of the pony tail.

We added the pony tail and they all look great.
It didn't take too long to braid once they were all sectioned out. 

A view from above. 

I took the braids out, put in more hair lotion and did two strand twists.
As you can see in the photo they shrink up after I was done. 

All done! Beautiful! We were super happy with how it turned out. 

Here is a look underneath the pony tail.
I love her little curl on the bottom. :) 

What I love about this style is that we can undo the twists after they dry if we want a fuller look. Or we could have braided them to the ends and put beads on the end or put them into a bun etc..
We can freshen up as needed.  
Another look at the finished look. Super cute!! 

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