Monday, March 16, 2015

African-American Hair Care Week #2

Here are more of our hair care adventures….I hope you enjoy and get inspired!

This is our finished style for week #2 

We had a MUCH easier wash day this week! I took out two braids from our style the week before and washed them together with shampoo and then conditioner. Once the conditioner was in I combed through M's hair and let the conditioner sit on her hair in a clip, while I washed the next two sections. I quickly realized that the taking out the braids was going to be the longest part. Thankfully she was with my sweet Katie in the tub and they were happy to play tea party. :)

M was much more calm this time and it went by so much faster. Having her hair in braids kept it tangle free for the most part. I had learned before that washing it with a downward motion instead of scrunching and scrubbing would also help prevent damage and tangles. I scrubbed her scalp and rinsed and conditioned and combed and clipped each section. After all of her hair was conditioned I rinsed it, squeezed it decently dry but not too dry and clipped it as we got out of the bath. This was a huge help for doing her hair just minutes later. 

Because we just did hair washing and styling back to back I wanted something decently quick. Although it still took a while. :) We did pigtails with braids.  Again I added hair lotion and picked through her hair to keep it tangle free as I pulled it into her pony tail. 

Half way done! This picture helps you see a good example of shrinkage. 

For each pigtail I divided the hair in half, with a top section and a bottom section. Her  hair happened to divide into three braids underneath and four braids on top. 

This week we used our laptop to give her better focus on her  movie. Plus since it is her favorite and now seems to be our "Hair Day Movie" she can watch it with out the rest of the kids having to see it yet again. :) Also I have to add that we finished before the movie was over! Shaving 30 minutes off our time from the week before. Yay!

A side view of her cluster of braids. I coil the ends with my fingers and they stay that way. Maybe another week we will add beads. This time we just wanted to get done. It took a chunk of our afternoon. But I am so happy to say, no tears, no tangles and she did so great! 

M got to stay up during nap time and have a quiet afternoon with a movie while we did this. I think that was a special treat of her and really helped her stay focused at the counter. 

A view from above. All done! A few days into this style and her little whiskies in the front get more fuzzy and I hold them back with cute clips. 

Here is the other side. All done.  
So pretty!
M gets to start at a new school this week and she is super excited to have her hair all cute. :) This was a great style, pretty easy and quick and seems to be holding well. We could always add decorative clips on each side if needed to go with an outfit or for church.
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