Friday, September 5, 2014

A little style.

This morning I took my little Mia off to her second day (because of the staggered start) of kindergarten.

Today was the first day that she got out of my car in the pick up line and held her sisters hand and walked in the building as I waved good-bye. My heart ached. I was so thankful that Laura would walk in with her. :) I knew she would be fine and I could see them go inside as I drove away but then I remembered that a few years ago I let Laura walk in- by herself! I thought it would be easier...and maybe for Mia, but for me. :(

I came home and tried to keep busy, and with my three little ones, it wasn't hard to do.

I am in full fall mode, cleaning, taxi driver schedule, alarms on my phone so I don't forget anyone, lunches being made in the morning, and I even made my own coffee since my husband is gone today. :)

After the girls were dropped off and I did a load of dishes I sat down to eat breakfast and check my email. But I couldn't get these songs out of my head. I heard them the other day and kept reflecting on their words.

Maybe they will be an encouragement to you. I couldn't choose which video to share...they were both so beautiful to me this morning. So here you go! Double the joy! :)

Oh, how He loves us... I need not worry about the little things. God loves us. He loves you and me. I think about all of the little things I stress about, most of them being expectations I put on myself. But God loves us and sometimes it is nice to take a minute and reflect on that. So enjoy this sweet soft melody.

Last night, my seven-year-old, Laura asked to have a private talk, as she often does, and I listened to her share her heart with me. She was feeling convicted of some things and we talked about the holy spirit putting those things on her heart and we prayed.  She wants so bad to be the light of Jesus to the world. She wants to be kind to those who might not have friends at school. In fact earlier this week Laura eagerly held her hand up to volunteer to be a special buddy for the new girl in the class. She couldn't wait to answer her questions and show her around. 

Laura has such a heart for those who might be left out. She even makes sure to teach her little sister things and include her and have extra patience with her, and not dwell on the age gap that shows up in their playtime. 

She has become aware that her words are important and she wants to be kind to the others. I have to add, that she has one of the kindest hearts and has been such a wonderful big sister. She has always been reflective of her emotions and those around her.

So this is my prayer for her and myself. 

Let them see You in me....

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