Friday, January 24, 2014

Finally we have a play room!

Our new space. Before the kids get into it. LOL.

We now have a play room for our kids to enjoy! I love it more than I thought I would. Their bedrooms are free from toys and stay mostly clean (except the pile of clothes from their closet and books off their bookshelves) and most of the toys are in one spot.

We were able to turn the boys room into the play room because my youngest daughter who needed to have a room to herself now sleeps with her two sisters and is doing better. She still bangs her head at night to soothe but she desperately wants to be a big girl like them so we are giving it a try for a while. 

It was hard for me to figure out how we were going to do this because all of the play rooms I see on pinterest were large spaces and this is your typical, maybe slightly larger size bedroom space. 

The shelf with the cubby baskets hold our favorite toys, Little People, Cars and Trucks, Barbies, Mr. Potato Head, Horses, Tools, Dolls, and Dishes for the kitchen. They are large bins and still have room for more.


I made this wall decor from fabric over canvas. I hot glued it on the other side and ironed the fabric before I put it on and it was pretty simple and I just love it! I wanted something gender neutral and found these wonderful patterns. 

This is the kitchen corner. This little white shelf we found on craigslist brand new and it is perfect for holding the dishes and enclosing the area a little bit. 

Our "market" easy for the kids to get the produce and to the left is where we keep the stuffed animals and purses and some large dolls.

The last wall of the room. I had an extra swivel chair we have had around and it is perfect for me to sit and watch the kids play. If I am lucky they will serve me pretend tea in a plastic cup. :)

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