Thursday, May 9, 2013

BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid)

Finally our soon to be son got his BAHA! It is a loaner from hearing specialist but we are thrilled to have it. If it works for him then he can have one surgically implanted in his head in a few years. We went to our appt today and he was so upset about not being able to play with certain things in the office and he kept pulling it off his head and throwing it. Not good. 

After a crazy day we were finishing dinner and I let the other kids try it out and let me tell you I tried it too and it is amazing how it works. It vibrates but as I plugged my ears and put it against my head I could hear the sounds in my inner ear, in my head basically. Since our little guy is Deaf in his left ear but has some hearing in his right ear it will send the sounds to his right ear and allow him to hear what is going on over on the left side of life. 

So after he saw the other kids get excited about it he was eager to try it out too. He was in his high chair and let me put the headband on. As soon as he felt it vibrate and could hear his face lit up. I was in tears for him. He couldn't stop smiling and laughing. I wish I got it on video, I didn't know it would be that big of a difference for him. 

So far he is wearing it and super happy to have it on his head. Praise God for this! Of course I am a lover of sign language and no issue with his Deafness but this tool is such a blessing for him!

His smile just melted my heart. I could see on his face that he was discovering this new way of hearing. He started making noises himself and digesting how it sounded. So cool to watch. What an amazing opportunity for him. 

Had to share my excitement! Such a wonderful way to end our crazy day. 

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