Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do what I say not what I do?

What messages are we sending our children about marriage when they see how we interact with our spouse? I have been pondering this question lately and taking a hard look at how I engage with my husband.

When he comes home from work do I greet him with love and joy or do I dump my troubles on him before he takes his coat off? It is hard after a long day not to spill my stress or beg him to take over so I can run upstairs and melt in my bed.

How I ask for his help with chores or the attitude I have when I am frustrated says a lot to our kids. So often we have anger from things outside our control, work, friends, stress, activities and obligations.  But do we give our best to our husband or do we use him as our dumping ground. Am I giving my best to those at church or the Doctor office but not my most valuable relationship? Why do we often put our best foot forward with people we want to impress but not to our spouse?

As parents we are sleep deprived, stressed, run down, and often behind in housework. Life is busy and we get comfortable with our spouse so they can easily get the brunt of our behavior.

When I think about who I want my kids to marry and how I want them to be loved and respected I don't think I would hope some of my bad behavior on them. I think about what I wish I would have known about marriage and how much I have learned about keeping Christ as our focus and I pray I can show them how to do the same.

We have the big responsibility to shape their attitude about marriage. I can show them what to hope for, what to look for in a marriage. We set the bar so how high or low do we set it?

Lord, Thank you for giving me a wonderful husband, a Godly partner who I can be encouraged and strengthened by. Lord help us love each other in a way that pleases you and shows our children what marriage and life for you can look like. Thank you for my days on this earth. Amen.

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