Thursday, February 28, 2013

A village of therapists.

I have had a few moments over the last few months when I have been able to see how much the therapists that help my kids are huge blessings. So often it is easy to feel bombarded with the schedule and the work and then the homework for afterward. But once in a while, in the midst of the routine realize how thankful I am for each of these people. Here are just a few tidbits, for what they are worth, of reminders that I am not alone in my parenting.

Home Sweet Home Part 3

I have to conclude that we found a house. Not the one I mentioned before but a house provided by the Lord none the less. We almost dismissed it because of the pictures online. It made it look smaller inside.

Last weekend we had two open houses to look at, one that I loved and one that my husband loved. We thought for sure we would pick one of these homes to put an offer on. As we pulled up to the first house we saw that nobody was there even though it was just minutes after they were supposed to open. I have a bad habit of being early but still, I expected them to be on time. Sadly they weren't and on the way we saw a sign for another open house so we decided to turn around and go check it out.

As soon as we pulled in front of the house I realized this was the one my agent sent me the pics to. Well, either way, it doesn't hurt to look. I ran inside while my husband sat in the car with the kids. This was our routine. With 5 kids little kids, house hunting can get a little crazy with having to find babysitters. So we would take turns going through the house.